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DANEDATTER jewellery (formerly IDA Nordic Jewellery)

Thoughts on Runes, Arts, Vikings, Nordic heritage...

Can a Mjølner be worn by a woman?

June 2018

I have been asked this question quite a few times before, so I will give my opinion on this;

The role of women has changed a whole lot since back in the viking era and I personally feel like it makes perfect sense for a modern woman to wear a Mjølner. Is the modern day woman not just as fierce as men? Does she not need strength just as much as a man does in her everyday life? To me there is great strength in honoring the ancestors by carrying a symbol which was of great importance to them and adding your own religious or non-religious interpretation to this. The Vikings were hardly afraid to try new things, so why should we be nowadays. Therefore, to all women; go a head and wear that Mjølner proudly.

Soulless Jewellery

April, 2018

Just some thoughts I would like to share with you...

Nordic jewellery is offered in large quantities on the internet now a days. Most of it is mass production and clearly created only to gain wealth and these pieces are lacking soul and real beauty.

Sadly the world has to a large extend embraced this. Nordic traditions, arts and culture has also been dumbed-down to a level of 'Let's drink beer, rape, murder and pillage.' This saddens me, since the Nordic culture was and is so much more. 

But what is a Mjölnir designed without respect, admiration and understanding of the old Nordic arts and with a deep desire to create something which is relevant to our modern life and taste and yet pays hommage to our ancestors beautiful arts? In my opinion there can not be spoken of 'Nordic/Viking art' when the maker has no clue what Nordic and Viking arts even entales.

A Thorshammer should represent your beliefs, your values, perhaps your ancestry if you are of Nordic heritage and be an expression of love for all this, so choose worthy.